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About the Project

What is The Mongolian Experiment?

The Mongolian Experiment (TME for short) is an experiment in crowdsourcing the funding, research, and marketing of an international journalism project.  I’ll rely on the influence and expertise of readers from all around the world to guide my travels – and to shape the content of the project itself.

I’m going to Mongolia for three to six months within the next two years.  I’ll rely on my background in photography, filmmaking, and journalism to document the places I go and the people I meet along the way.  The result: a project, international in scope, that documents and addresses issues in contemporary Mongolian society and culture.

I will be visiting 4-6 Mongolian “aimags” (provinces) solo by horse and camel and will be focusing on one or two cultural features or issues per province that I feel would benefit from a more international spotlight.  Orphans living in the heating pipes of Ulaanbataar, eagle hunters in Bayan Oglii, the effects of tourism on nomadic families, the recent devastating winter…these are just a few of the topics that I may cover in the project.

To learn more, check out the FAQ page or ask a question yourself!